Practice Tracks

If, like me you find you need more than 12 bars a couple of times a week to get in to improvised solos, here are some practice tracks I have done so that I can try out ideas and just get the feel of it. It's all basic stuff at the moment and I will add further stuff as I create it.

These tracks are just backings but they don't stop after 12 bars, they keep going, more or less forever - especially if you put your media player on loop. Successful improvising is in no way guaranteed as a result of using this page but at least it won't be for the lack of trying (here I speak for myself).

I hope you find this useful and/or amusing (I'm easily amused). Let me know if there are any other tracks that you would like to see here and I will try and include them - given time!


 12Bar in Bb

Basic 12 bar in Bb 4 bar intro  
Alternative 12 Bar 12 bar with modified progression Chord Sequence
4 Bars looping: Cm, F7, Bb
Alright OK Open for solo's section of alright OK You win Alright OK Chords
Thieves in the Temple Prince/Herbie Hancock - Gm

The outline, ignore 1st 4 bars

Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves (Bossa Style) Autumn Leaves Chords
Georgia On My Mind Georgia On My Mind Georgia On My Mind Chords

Here are some midi backing tracks using the changes found in the realbook. (fifth edition).

 Angel Eyes

As Time Goes By
The Girl From Ipanema
Mood Indego
Isn't It Romantic
Have You Met Miss Jones
Have You Met Miss Jones (Bossa))
Lullaby Of Birdland
My Funny Valentine
My Romance
They Can't Take That Away From Me

Here's a cool midi player for windows, change key and tempo if you like.